• Encourage uniform

  • Increase Production
    of protein and its quality.

  • Enhance Crops Resistance.

    to environmental stresses

  • Prevent Premature Aging
    of the plant.

  • Accelerate fruit Ripening
    and Coloration.

  • Assist the Translocation of Sugar.

  • Provide Crack Resistance and Desired Crops Formation.

innovative Agricultural solutions.

Help Farmers in finding solutions.

safe to use.

Environmental and user friendly.

Optimizing fertilizer efficiency.

Get the Best from what you give.

Welcome to Tasmeed

AlNasr Fertilizer Industry Company

We are professional manufacturer for Value added fertilizers ( Liquid, Soluble and solid ) aiming to support Farmers in providing efficient and sustainable Crops.

Sulfer-based Fertilizers are our flagship products.


Our proprietary agricultural solutions showcases unparalleled versatility. Through meticulous research and development, our formulas seamlessly integrates into existing irrigation systems, including drip, sprinkler, or flood methods.

This adaptable solutions allows to be use with any soil type and blending with other fertilizers to meet specific crops nutritional needs or application as a foliar treatment on selected crops.